5 Best Famous Aged Whisky Brands of All Time

Whisky originates from medieval Island and Scotland; it was sold in Scotland to relieve congestion and joint pain. Whiskey is the alcohol with the lowest sugar content. The benefits are more than enough reasons to indulge in a glass now and then. It relaxes your mind and body and warms your heart to enjoy an ordinary day or during occasions. A relaxed body means less stress and more fun. Whisky in its original dialect means “water of life,” the inventors clearly understood how pleasurable this drink is. 

The following is a list of five perfectly aged whiskies for you to enjoy.

Crown Royal

Three Cocktail Drinks

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This Canadian whisky has a royalty origin to match its name. Created in 1939 as a gift to the then reigning England monarchs, Crown Royal was a combination of around fifty whiskies. It first arrived in the US in the 1960s and has become one of Canada’s best sellers since then. The whisky craft process has no compromise on quality standards. The aim is to be as consistent as when first handed over to King George the VI. 

Crown Royal cocktail recipes are many because of the drink’s smooth 40% alcohol content; it costs around $30. In one sip, you taste the blend of finest whisky matured perfectly. Immediately your nose receives the whisky’s richness with hints of fruit; your tongue gets creamy tastes with oak and vanilla, and finally, the smoothness lingers for a moment until you take another sip. There are more expertly blended whiskies like the Crown Royal Reserve. This whisky is rich and spicy in your nose with maple syrup, floral, and apple hints. 

Your taste buds will dance in velvet oak, hints of vanilla, and spices that blend perfectly; it leaves you with a nutty lasting effect. It’s perfect for taking it straight and sweetens with ice cubes but may taste watery in a short time. This whisky costs around $45. Crown Royal Reserve has more hand-selected and prolonged aged whiskies than Crown Royal.

Ballantine’s Finest

Ballantine's Bottle With Two Rock Glasses

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It’s a Scottish whisky created in 1910 with a blend of over 50 single malts and four single grain aged whiskies. All the blends have aged a minimum of three years. In those times, the American constitution banned the sale and transport of alcohol, which included Ballantine’s. The company designed a peculiar bottle shape for salespeople to sneak whisky in their briefcases. The recipe and shape remain true today. In 2020, it got voted Europe’s best scotch and the world’s best scotch blend. 

The whisky is 40% alcohol and costs around $14. It’s gold in color and tastes like a mix of sweet milk chocolate flavor, apple, and vanilla. Your nose gets hints of soft, sweet heather honey and spice and the finish leaves a floral after taste; you also get a hint of must peat. The drink is elegant, well-balanced, and ends in a warm finish. Ballantine’s have master blenders that work together to create a quality range of Scottish whiskies. The range includes Ballantine’s 17, 21, and 30-year-old whiskies. 

This whisky is worth a try with a gold prize under its best in 2006 for the International Spirits Challenge.      

Ardbeg 10

Ardbeg was created 200 years ago at Islay in Scotland. This whiskey is highly respected by whisky connoisseurs worldwide. Its reputation remains solid, with Ardbeg varieties winning over six prestigious titles such as Scotch whisky of the year and World Whisky of the Year. The whisky’s history is by no means an easy one; it came close to shutting down in the early ’80s but later was revived. The journey has soared high after the ’90s with excellent awards. The whisky’s color is pale straw; the smell is pungent in a good way with hints of lemon and smoky peat. 

The smokiness is memorable of campfires, charcoal, and wood smoke. You also smell subtle vanilla. The whisky’s taste is full-bodied with sweet vanilla and oak. The smoky peat follows, and the drink ends with a bitter, malty taste that lasts for a while. The flavors are intense but blend perfectly, and the bitterness makes sense since the alcohol content is 46%. This whisky is arguably the smokiest and peatiest with a perfect balance of natural sweetness. Ardbeg distillery has a pure water supply. 

The malt used to make the whisky is the most smoked; it’s mashed with fresh water and heated to a certain temperature. Next are the obvious processes of fermentation, distillation, and maturation. Distillation is twice for a stronger and pure spirit. Finally, the finished-bottled product ends up in your hand for your pleasure.

Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

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Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is an award-winning Scottish whisky. The whisky process is meticulous, from malt, drying, fermentation to distillation, which is twice. Finally, maturation takes at least three years. The drink smells of wood and heather honey, and you also get hints of apricot and raisin. It tastes like tropical fruit blended with creamy vanilla, oak, slight smoke, and black pepper. The finish lingers with some citrus, sweetness, and smokiness. The whisky is versatile for making timeless Johnnie Walker cocktails where the whisky still shines through. It contains 40% alcohol and costs around $80.    

GlenDronach Revival

The whisky is aged 15 years in sherry casks and surprising with layers of flavor that keep going. GlenDronach tastes like chocolate-covered cherries and pecans; you also get notes of cedar, apricot, fig, and Manuka honey. The first scent you get is spiced fruit that tastes wonderful with aged cheese. The smell also hints at dark chocolate, orange, and walnut. GlenDronach has a long finish of dark chocolate and dark Manuka that lingers. The whisky comes in its natural color and costs around $60 with an alcoholic content of 46%. 

It has won the 2018 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco. Another aged whisky worth a try, similar to the Revival, is Allardice, aged for 18 years. 

To Conclude

When America prohibited alcohol selling, whiskey was an exception for medical use to treat TB, high blood pressure, and pneumonia. There are many positives to enjoying whisky that research supports. Drink responsibly; whisky lowers cholesterol build-up in the body and relaxes the arteries to reduce stroke. Another plus is the list of great and accomplished icons that enjoyed their whisky, from Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra to Ava Gardner. The five listed whiskies offer a memorable drink for relaxation and enjoyment.