4 post-pandemic retail trends

The retail Industry is witnessing enormous changes in the past years. Specifically, technology has brought changes to the way retail is happening. It allowed retail business to happen anywhere, at any time. What really turned out to be a blessing for the retailers, particularly during the pandemic period, was the innovative e-commerce technologies. Retailers would have faced a more difficult situation during the pandemic without the e-commerce revolution.

Organizations are relying on the role of technology to serve the changing needs of customers, enhance business efficiency and the market position. Many industry leaders have adopted Microsoft Dynamics 365 to cruise through today’s uncertainties and reach their business goals.

Pandemic insisted retail organizations to focus on delivering superior purchasing experience to customers – where and how customers can collect purchased products, how they can return their products, and how they can make the payment. Answers to these questions turned challenging for organizations during the pandemic. This will be echoed even after the pandemic has recessed.

To thrive in this challenging environment, both customers and retailers have to adapt to this challenging condition. Let’s look at some of the retail trends that will continue to exist.

Adaptable order fulfillment

Retail organizations were forced to adopt non-traditional ways of delivering products to their customers in the wake of Covid-19. One such method that became vital is BOPIS (buy-online-pick-up-in-store). As the pandemic evolved, most retail organizations worldwide implemented this way of order fulfillment and got increased acceptance from customers. Now this flexible order fulfillment is seen across businesses including grocery, and retail sectors of all kinds.

Flexible product returns

Like order fulfillment, flexible product returns give customers the convenience to return purchased products they are not satisfied with or no longer needed. For retailers, the challenge lies in managing the costs on returns and providing customers the ease of returning the products. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce allows you to seamlessly manage products returns and costs.

Contactless payment

Contactless payment has become essential for retailers for delivering safe and secure experiences. The use of contactless payment has increased manifold since the start of Covid-19. Your business needs to support contactless payment options for delivering safer customer purchasing experiences.

Omnichannel retail

Omnichannel retail plan has been given priority by many organizations prior Covid-19. However, the pandemic accelerated this trend – making the transition from traditional way to a suitable omnichannel solution. In the digitally enhanced world, omnichannel plans have become essential for business success. Rather than going to a physical store to purchase the products, customers can browse and purchase products through any device including mobiles and tablets. Customers can discover and choose the products they like before making the final purchase.

Overcome business challenges with Microsoft Cloud for Retail

To better serve your customers and propel your retail growth in this pandemic affected environment, it is worth to deploy solutions that deliver seamless experiences across entire customer buying journey.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail helps you overcome the challenges thrown by pandemic. The solution optimizes order fulfillment with enhanced capabilities – helps you manage on-site order handling effectively, customer notifications, and pickup scheduling.

The solution connects entire customer journeys through a set of rich capabilities, enabling and empowering your employees to deliver more personalized experiences to your customers. Shoppers can decide when, how and where to purchase the products. They can purchase through any device and across online and offline channels with simplified contactless payment processing. Customers can even order online and pick up in-store or receive home delivery.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail provides tools to enhance customer engagement and conversion across all channels including online, in-store and social media channels. You can reach out to your customers on their preferences.

The solution offers the power of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform. Your business can efficiently serve growing customer needs, as well as empower your customer service agents with the right tools to deliver exceptional service.

Finally, Microsoft Cloud for Retail helps you drive operational efficiency, improve workforce productivity, explore ways for quality improvement, and more.

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